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Commercial & Operations

Our Commercial Department operates with a keen focus on analyzing and evaluating the dynamic Dry Bulk Market and Financial Market fundamentals. This proactive approach enables us to provide our clients with real-time advice in an ever-evolving landscape. Specifically, we engage in continuous research encompassing the freight, second-hand, new-building, and scrapping markets, as well as monitoring commodities and global market trends.

Simultaneously, our executive management team maintains close relationships with major shipbroking houses, charterers, commodity traders, operators, trading houses, and financial institutions. This network ensures a constant flow of valuable information. We excel in offering top-tier chartering services, identifying business opportunities, and effectively managing projects and contracts from inception to completion. This includes diligent monitoring of the market, skillful negotiation, and finalization of charter agreements for the vessels under our management.

Our Operations Department plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of voyages, always mindful of the charter party terms agreed upon. They work tirelessly to optimize costs and efficiency by issuing clear instructions and guidelines to the Masters, arranging for agents at ports as necessary, and meticulously monitoring overall vessel performance. In cases where precautionary measures are needed, such as appointing competent cargo surveyors, we act swiftly to minimize any potential issues that could arise.

Through our steadfast commitment to high-quality operations, we have built a reputation for delivering flexible, reliable, and safe transportation services. This dedication has allowed us to forge enduring relationships with our valued customers, who trust in our ability to consistently meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Commercial management services include:

  • Spot market fixture
  • Time charter period fixture with major shipping charterers and Operators.
  • COA evaluations and spot voyage freight analysis
  • Daily monitoring of FFA’s activities
  • Voyage planning, execution, and monitoring
  • Agency appointment and disbursement handling
  • Bunkering
  • Speed and performance monitoring
  • Voyage results, reporting and analysis
  • S&P activities (including vessel valuations)