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Corporate & Legal

Managing corporate activities, assisting with Board and Shareholder activities, adoption of resolutions, granting powers, etc. We offer legal/contractual assistance in relations with customers and/or suppliers and in intra-group relations; assistance in the negotiation with counterparts;

Assistance in the management and negotiation of financing: analysis and negotiation of contract clauses; Preparation of the documentation necessary for the granting of powers; Intervention in the financing contract; Finalization of consequent fulfilments (formalization of guarantees, etc.);

Our legal team supports activities for sale and purchase such as analysis of the contractual documentation for the purchase/sale of second-hand ships (Memorandum of Agreement) and/or newbuilding contracts for the parts under its responsibility; Negotiation of contractual clauses (with particular reference to delivery documentation, terms of payment/collection of purchase/sale price); Preparation of draft resolutions of corporate bodies and granting  of powers; Preparation of delivery documentation; finalization, legalization and formalization for use abroad of contractual documentation;  Preparation and finalization of documents following delivery.