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Crew Management

Part of our group’s activities is to provide companies with manning services. With an extent pool of competent and highly skilled crew, we are able to provide crew of all technical levels, based on our clients’ needs. Strict policies and procedures are in place, to assess our crew, achieved using performance evaluation metrics, involving both specialized ERPs for rating, record keeping, and monitoring crew performance and personal interviews performed by highly experienced shore staff. The Crew Assessment and Training program aims to evaluate the knowledge and competencies of the seafarer by assessing them using the most modern available tools in the market like CBT, simulators and a well-organized and systematic structure of training in compliance with the Competence Management System standard. The Cadetship Program is also offered to enhance and improve the level of competency and skill of cadets in order to attain the standard of performance set by I.M.A. Assessment & Training Center, Inc.