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Information Technology

We endeavour to select the appropriate technology tools, and ensuring that crew, and third parties are using IT equipment, software, and IT utilities on-board vessels in an efficient and proper way through our wide expertise in IT technology and vessel communication systems.  During our years in the maritime industry, we mastered the ability of vessel communications; VSAT, FBB, Iridium and Inmarsat C.

Choosing the right set of security tools, ensuring proper SMS Cyber Security Plan implementation and abide with the IMO standard in the best way possible, often requires a very strong knowledge of current technology and years of experience.  Through our continuous knowledge updates in technology and security team of experts, we setup innovative, practical, and sound security solutions.

Provision of objective assurance to businesses is an essential part for the business growth.  IT auditing, IT security awareness training, IMO compliance, management and implementation of disaster recovery plan and planned ethical IT penetration tests keep the vessels safe and fully compliant with the IMO and GDPR regulations.  Our inhouse security professionals and partners, are committed to control and mitigate risks associated with IT equipment, policies, and procedures.