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Marine, Health, Safety, Quality & Environment

We aim to develop a proactive safety culture both on board and ashore, that includes identification of hazards and the implementation of preventive and mitigation measures to work towards zero incidents and minimum impact to the environment. Effective safety management requires the systematic identification of hazards and measures to eliminate or reduce risks to a possible degree. It also requires measures to promote an effective safety culture and motivate company personnel to ensure that the company’s SMS is understood and embraced.

The company has established procedures to ensure that proper risk assessment takes place, all personnel is familiar with the processes, regular inspections both from designated safety officer and shore-based staff are scheduled often. We promote a proactive approach to environmental and energy management that includes the identification of sources of marine and atmospheric emissions and implementation of measures to avoid or reduce potential impacts, advising our clients on how to reduce, as far as practically possible, the impact of their operations on the environment. Thus, we strictly follow environmental policies, we regularly assess marine and atmospheric emissions and continuously search solutions to minimize environmental impact.